Moosalamoo - Dunmore Area

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Burnt Ridge View, October Burnt Ridge View, July Mount Moosalamoo and Dunmore Lake Dunmore in July The north end of Lake Dunmore The view from Rattlesnake Point Lake Dunmore from above Branbury Beach

These gigapans highlight the environments and communities of the Mount Moosalamoo - Lake Dunmore area.


Like most of the Green Mountain Escarpment which marks the eastern edge of the Champlain Valley, Mount Moosalamoo is built of a steeply tilted mass of Cheshire quartzite.  Where hiking trails traverse large outcrops of this resistant rock, spectacular vantage points provide great opportunity for viewing and understanding this landscape.

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Bedrock also outcrops along the shores of Lake Dunmore, but much of the shoreline is sand and gravel, carried by great glacial rivers as ice retreated to the north 13,600 years ago.  Especially where these rivers built deltas into the lake, level terrain and sandy beaches enhance the recreational enjoyment of thousands of visitors each year.

The Lake Dunmore region is the most densely populated part of Salisbury.  This busy place is adjacent to Salisbury's quietest place – that 20% of the town which is owned by the Green Mountain National Forest.  The federally owned portion, much of which can be seen in this view, has the lowest population density in town: zero (humans).